Uncomplicated hikes & high alpine tours

Immerse yourself, experience and enjoy: Out on the over 200 kilometers-long network of hiking trails in the Fügen region, you can discover the true nature of Zillertal. Opportunities range from easy strolls to challenging alpine tours taking you up to elevations beyond the 2,000-meter mark. The trailheads for many hiking tours are within easy reach of your Hotel Central.

Head for the mountaintops: the journey is what it's all about

Scrambling, mountaineering and rock climbing are deeply rooted traditions here in Zillertal. No wonder, really, since this alpine world and its countless opportunities make tackling every single vertical meter a pure and utter delight! Probably your first point-of-call will be the Zilertal via ferrata, located next to the mountain lift station on the Spieljoch. Here, children and rookie climbers especially will find an excellent opportunity to "get their footing", while more experienced "rock jocks" can see what they've got on the Gerlossteinwand via ferrata. And if ever the weather chooses not to cooperate, the indoor climbing center - which is just 11 km from here in Aschau - promises lots of fun and all kinds of tricky challenges.

Via ferrata climbs

Long-distance hike – the “Trans-Alpine Crossing”

The “Trans-Alpine Crossing” leads from the Tegernsee via the Achensee and the Zillertal to Sterzing. With easy to intermediate stages, this long-distance hike is a great alternative to difficult and physically demanding mountain trails. The 7-day Alpine crossing promises an enjoyable hike – with wonderful experiences including traditional Bavarian culture and Tyrolean hospitality as well as famous South Tyrolean wine. Accommodations are available in the towns along the route.

We look forward to welcoming you at the end of one leg of the tour in Fügen. Hotel Pension Central in Fügen is located near the train station and can be reached with a 5-minute walk. Awaiting you in our family-run business is genuine Tyrolean hospitality. In the evening, you can wind down with a refreshing beer on our terrace, chat with our hiking guide Stefan about the next leg of your tour, or simply enjoy a Tyrolean summer night and recharge your batteries in our garden.

The next day, you can start your morning with a delicious breakfast and stock up on energy for the next stage of your hike from Spieljoch to Hochfügen. The bus stop for the hiking bus, which runs starting June 2, is located near Hotel Pension Central. Combined with the diverse landscape of the 4 regions and their respective cultures, this Alpine crossing is an unforgettable experience.